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Teddy Bear Baby Expandable Bangle for Christening, Baptism, Baby Shower Present - STERLING SILVER

  • $ 2300
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Expanding Baby Bracelet / Bangle with a tiny Teddy Bear Soft Toy. A perfect gift for Christening or Birthday! A celebration of a new arrival and addition to the family. A pretty Teddy Bear design is embossed all around the bangle. This Bangle is expandable.

Your guide to quality in silver jewelry is first: It is 925 Sterling Silver, anything less than 925 will tarnish. Anything higher is too soft and bendy.

Next is weight. Silver is expensive and you get what you pay for. Check out the weight of everything you are considering to buy. This item is a 6 grams (0.211 oz) heavy. That's $2.33 a gram!

Hand made and polished in our Birmingham factory. MADE IN BRITAIN for style and quality. This grain is melted and mixed with a little copper to make it more durable and is cast, rolled and slit into 5.4mm wide strip. The strip is then rolled through embossing rollers and turned into a coil which it cut into individual bangles. The end rings then are soldered on and hand polished. The weight of the item identifies both value and quality, this item is a substantial 6 grams (0.211 oz), check out other items which are cheaper and you will find most are about 2.5 grams (0.088 oz). 

Polished and brilliant shine.

  • Sterling Silver 925
  • Normal size is 1.57" (40mm) diameter, expanding to 1.97" (50 mm) which fits over most babies and toddlers hands. (1 3/4 is 0-3 years / 2" is 0-5 years) 
  • 5.4 mm (0.21 inch) wide,  6 grms (0.211 oz) of Solid Sterling (925 parts per 1000) Silver.
  • Packaged in a sheer organza pouch and enclosed in a white plain outer box.
  • IMPORTANT - Infant jewelry should be worn only with adult supervision.


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